FNA Dues Alert:

— Our dues collection this year will take place during September.  Block Captains will be contacting their neighbors to collect dues (still only $30 per year) and deliver the 2019 Directories.  Dues payments received after October 1 are considered late and incur a 10% penalty.  Please realize your Block Captain is a volunteer and will appreciate your timely cooperation with this process.

We try very hard to have accurate information in the Directory, but if your information is not correct, we want to know!  Please contact our Membership Coordinator, Jane Meyer—janermeyer@aol.com.

Dues are mandatory and cover:

  • Snow plowing
  • Mowing and maintenance of Harold Walters Field
  • Rummage sale advertising in TheStarPress twice a year ( i.e.second Saturdays in June and September)
  • Directory printing
  • Newsletter
  • Postage

Legal Fees

Check out the Dues Comparison to see what a great value we get for our dues compared to others in the area.