Burning Restrictions

NO OPEN BURNING IN FARMINGTON: Open burning is prohibited per FNA Covenant #10, “No open trash burning shall be permitted.”  In addition, FNA Covenant # 2 states, “No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on upon any lot, nor shall anything be done thereon which may be, or may become, an annoyance or nuisance in or to the neighborhood. . . .”

In addition, Indiana Department of Environmental Management prohibits open burning with very few exceptions.

There have been many complaints from neighbors about open burning or “recreational” burning which causes smoke and odors to drift onto neighboring property.  Many people have health problems which can be aggravated by the smoke; others simply prefer not to smell or see the smoke drifting past their homes or through their open windows.

Winds are also a concern as these fires can quickly get out of control and threaten neighboring property.

There have even been cases where the local fire department has been called out (at considerable public expense, of course) to address open burning problems.

If you are open burning, PLEASE refrain.  If you are concerned and witness open burning, do not hesitate to call your Block Rep, FNA Board Member, or the local fire department.  We all need to be courteous neighbors and abide by our FNA covenants.

FNA Officers and Board of Directors