Request: Turning Off Outside Lights

For FNA Newsletter May 2016

Leaving the Lights On

Do you leave your outdoor lights on all night and all day too?  If you do, aren’t you wasting electricity and money?  Sure, our electricity bills are quite low, and we are all fortunate enough to be able to pay them.  But please remember that I&M is still burning a whole lot of coal, the leading producer of carbon dioxide.

Okay, you may feel safer having the lights on when it’s dark.  (However, studies show that a motion-activated light is the most effective intruder deterrent.)  But burning lights during the daylight hours is just plain wasteful.

Please be aware that many of your neighbors care about these things and are very concerned about undeniable climate change.  Burning fossil fuels for no good reason is a thoughtless waste of precious natural resources and harms our world.

Jane and Wayne Meyer